Discovery Farm a remains a popular attraction at the Kentucky State Fair

IMG_2578From piglets to ponies and goats to geese, the Discovery Farm in the Kentucky State Fair’s South Wing B is always a crowded attraction.

Sponsored by the Kentucky Pork Producers, the Discovery Farm is an educational exhibit featuring live animals and information about farming practices in Kentucky.

The “petting zoo” feel provides an opportunity for visitors to interact with the animals, many of whom have never seen livestock in person before.

The Discovery Farm provides worksheets for elementary and middle school classes to use in conjunction with their visit, but it’s not just school groups who enjoy the exhibit.

Jenn Taylor, a mom from Louisville, and her toddlers visited the Discovery Farm while at the state fair.

“It’s fun for the kids and something we only get to see once a year,” Taylor said.

Taylor said her children had learned animal sounds and read books about farms but the only farm animals they had seen in person were horses.

“I like that they can see the babies and interact with the animals and its safe,” Taylor said.

Luann Malrer, a retired teacher from Louisville, said that the livestock exhibits are one of her favorite parts of visiting the Kentucky State Fair.

“I know there are a lot of different farms and things to see all over the state but I live in Louisville and I don’t travel much,” Malrer said. “But I can come to the state fair and see a little bit of all of it; the best of Kentucky.”

Malrer says that as a retired teacher, she thinks that the Discovery Farm is a “fascinating” exhibit for children to visit.

“The animals are cute but there’s a lot to learn too,” Malrer said. “I had no idea that pigs have so many babies at one time!”

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2014 issue of The Kentucky Pork Producer News. Article and photos by Celeste Harned of Celeste Communications.