Meet Kentucky State Fair Grand Champion Market Hog Exhibitor Brayden Lancaster

At the 2018 Kentucky State Fair, the long-time tradition of the Sale of Champions was replaced with a new format to honor even more youth exhibitors – the Championship Drive. Grand Champions, Reserve Champions and a third, fourth and fifth place animal in all species were selected in one Championship Drive in Broadbent Arena.

Continuing with their tradition of supporting youth livestock exhibitors, the Kentucky Pork Producers is a sponsor of the Championship Drive. This article highlights the exhibitor of the Grand Champion Market Hog.

Brayden Lancaster was the exhibitor of the Grand Champion Market Hog at the 2018 Kentucky State Fair Junior Market Hog Show.

Lancaster, 12, is a member of the Meade County 4-H and has been showing pigs for 7 years. His 274 pound crossbred barrow was bred by Logan Farnham.

For Lancaster, the best part of showing pigs is learning new things and making friends.

Lancaster’s pig was the first Grand Champion selected in the new Championship Drive format at the Kentucky State Fair. He says the experience was “a complete adrenaline rush.”

“It’s is hard to find the words to describe it, but the best way to describe it is a combination and rush of every emotion. Happy, excited, shocked, just over all a great feeling that you get when you complete a goal that you worked towards for years.”

Though graduation is still a few years away, Lancaster is already thinking of his future plans. He hopes to pursue an agriculture degree and judge livestock on the collegiate level. Lancaster says his winnings from showing pigs will help pay for his education and he hopes that showing will open up more scholarship opportunities for him in the future.

Ultimately, Lancaster’s goal is to start his own show pig operation.

With the move to the Championship Drive format, sponsors are no longer assigned a specific animal to “purchase.” All of the sponsors join together to contribute to one premium fund, which is then distributed among the winning animals of all species.

This support means a lot to Lancaster, who wanted to thank his sponsors. “Thank you VERY much for supporting not only me but every participant in the 4-H/FFA swine show at the Kentucky State Fair.”

Brayden is the son of Adam and Carrie Lancaster of Battletown. His 4-H agent is Deana Reed.

The Grand Champion Market Hog at the 2018 Kentucky State Fair was exhibited by Brayden Lancaster (holding banner) of the Meade County 4-H.