Transport Quality Assurance®



Transport Quality Assurance® (TQA®) is a program that helps swine transporters, producers and handlers understand how to handle, move and transport pigs and the potential impacts of those actions on pig well-being and/or pork quality. Anyone who handles or transports pigs, or sets protocols for handling pigs, is a potential influencer of animal well-being and pork quality.

There are two types of individuals certified through the TQA Program: A handler is an individual who receives TQA certification to move, handle and transport pigs. An advisor is an individual who is trained by the Pork Checkoff and who can offer certification training and administer exams to handlers.

Individuals interested in receiving TQA certification to become handlers can find a TQA advisor by clicking here.

National Pork Board may modify, amend or terminate the TQA®, Youth PQA Plus®, PQA Plus® and all other certification programs without notice. Further, the Board in its sole discretion may terminate or condition a participant’s continued eligibility for, participation in, and/or use of any rights, license or benefits under such program(s).


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